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Rihanna Eminem & Dre Live On Grammy 2011 – Download

Ecco disponibile il download della performance dei Grammy 2011 di Rihanna, Eminem & Dre -Love The Way You lie part 2 + I need A Doctor formato mkv  528MB [720]  Download performance
credit nike

Mixtape Eminem Concerto Comerica Park

Ecco un mixtape realizzato da FDL con l'audio del concerto di Eminem al Comerica Park (Detroit) dello scorso settembre trasmesso solo recentemente dalla shade45.
Buon download ! http://www.multiupload.com/RICDZVOA60  formato file m4a –220MB

formato mp3 MB 201 –http://www.megaupload.com/?d=J9V52TUW
grazie a nike per la conversione

1. Won't Back Down & 3 AM (Intro)
2. Square Dance, W.T.P. & Kill You
3. Welcome 2 Detroit (feat. Trick Trick)
4. No Love & So Bad
5. Cleaning Out My Closet & The Way I Am
6. We're Back (Skit)
7. Fight Music & Purple Pills (feat. D12)
8. My Band (feat. D12)
9. Airplanes, Pt. II & Stan (feat. B.o.B. & Liz Rodriguez)
10. Sing for The Moment & Like Toy Soldiers
11.Forever (feat. Drake)
12. Patiently Waiting (feat. 50 Cent)
13. I Get Money & In Da Club (feat. 50 Cent, Tony Yayo & Lloyd Banks)
14. 'Till I Collapse & Cinderella Man
15. Ladies (Skit)
16. Love the Way You Lie (feat. Liz Rodriguez)
17. Renegade (feat. Jay-Z)
18. My Name Is, The Next Episode & Still Dre (feat. Dr. Dre)
19. Nuthin' But A G Thang & Detox (Skit) [feat. Dr. Dre]
20. Crack a Bottle, The Real Slim Shady & Without Me
21. Not Afraid
22. Lose Yourself (Outro)

credit http://hiphoppremiereshhp.blogspot.com/

Intervista- Full Scan Eminem Rolling Stone

Ecco in esclusiva lo scan di tutto il giornale "Rolling Stone " in formato pdf.
L'intervista ad Eminem la trovate alla pagina 48. Per visualizzarlo dovete avere
installato Adobe Reader.

Inoltre il sito del giornale ha annunciato che presto verrà inserito il Behind The
Scene  dell'intervista con l'audio… Stay Tune!!

Lloyd Banks – Celebrity Ft Akon & Em + Testo

E’ uscita in rete una nuova traccia dall’album di Lloyd Banks intitolata “Celebrity” feat Akon & Eminem http://hulkshare.com/bsefdsm7zwka. A Voi i commenti.

There are
Enough insults in my head
To fill up a swear jar
And have it overflowin’ so don’t get me goin’
Don’t dare start
You’ll never see me again, Amelia Airheart
I’m poppin’ a wheelie off to a really unfair start
I’m past grindin’ for me
Guess I’ll just be grounded up
Like Ground Round of a pound of chalk
Tightly-wound as fuck
‘Till the fire marshal’s come shut Fire Marshall down, I’m up
I suggest you better shut the fuck up and stop fuckin’ around and duck
I aint playin’ this time
I told you I’m out for blood
So to say I keep it 100 would probably sound reduntant
Like callin’ a bitch a hoe
Or askin’ a gal to suck, and blow on your dick cock (?)
Is she up for screwin? Down to fuck
It’s a mans world and I’m trapped in a land of smut (?)
With 1,000 sluts wrapped with muzzles
Runnin’ through a house of mutts
Otherword’s I’m shuttin’ everyone of you bitch’s mouths up
And I’m watchin’ my language if I tell you to kiss my fuckin’ butt
And aint shit changed
My shit still don’t stink playa
My farts may have gotten staler ever since I became a trailer park celebrity maybe
My complexion became a little pailer
Poster child for white trash
I’m a garbage pale kids, they look yeah (I probably got this whole bar off)
See me all up in your bitch it means I’m a raper
All I got for these hoes is dick duct tape and a stapler
So bitch you better look for table scraps to scrape up
I don’t subscribe to the news or the free-press
But homie I get the paper

Not Afraid-Video Download con traduzione

Per inaugurare il nuovo canale vimeo dell’eminem italian blog ecco realizzato

il video di Not afraid con i sottotitoli in italiano. Se vi piace è disponibile anche

il download a 720p  www.eminemitalianblog.it/Not Afraid [720p] (Traduzione ITA).zip (credit nike)

Esclusiva Video No Love + Download

Ecco il video NO LOVE in esclusiva
Download video HD 1080i 83 MB
http://eminemitalianblog.it/Eminem ft. Lil Wayne – No Love.zip

Download Live Performance VMA 2010

Ecco il Download della performance di ieri notte di Eminem
Not Afraid – Love The Way You Lie feat Rihanna
High Quality 720dp http://www.megaupload.com/?d=HZ658APJ

Better Version: Versione a 1080i video originale
www.eminemitalianblog.it/Eminem & Rihanna at the VMA 2010 [1080].zip credit nike

Download HD Video Love The Way You Lie

Download Video Love The Way You Lie HD 1080 HD 113 MB
http://eminemitalianblog.it/Eminem ft. Rihanna – Love The Way You Lie.zip (credit nike)

Eminem Instrumental Love The Way You Lie

In attesa di sapere notizie sull’uscita del video Love The Way You Lie ecco la strumentale ufficiale della canzone. Ascolto nel player

Love The Way You Lie (Official+Instrumental)@eminemitalianblog

Download: Love The Way You Lie Official Instrumental

Download Not Afraid Video High Quality

Ecco il video da scaricare in High Quality 107 MB MP4
http://eminemitalianblog.it/Eminem – Not Afraid (1080p).zip
preview pic video

se salvate la foto l'avrete a grandezza naturale 1920X1060

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